Google+ introduces badges

On Monday, Google launched Google+ pages for business. A lot has been written about this. Today, they’re rolling out Google+ badges. This feature is only available to Google+ platform preview group (Yes, good guess! I’m a member). To get the badge, sign up for the group first.

The Google+ badge has been designed to connect your website to your Google+ page. It helps you grow your audience while showing more recommendations on Google+. It features both, an ‘add to circle’ and a ‘+1’ button and people will have it easier to add you to their circles and share your site with their followers. You’ll also get more personal recommendation around the web if you connect +1’s for your website with +1’s on your Google+ page.

Google+ badge

Above all, the Google+ badge will help you qualify for Google+ Direct Connect. This is a great feature. It helps Google to index better your Google+ page. Direct Connect allows people type +your_page directly into Google search tab and be taken to your Google+ page where they can start following your page automatically.

Google+ Direct Connect

Here is link to Google+ configuration tool. Remember, you have to be a member of the Google+ platform preview group first – sign up here.

If you don’t have a google+ page, read the official Google+ Your Business or get in touch.

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